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The Mesquite Archery Club(MAC) is a non-profit, ASA recognized club open to archers of all ages and classes.

1. Privacy Statement

We do count new visitors to our site. We do not record or sell information from your machine.


2. Terms of Use

If you want to use something from our site, you must ask permission of the owner. We do not grant permission to use or link to images and other items that Mesquite Archery Club does not own, including but not limited to the logos of the businesses and clubs we have links to. If you want to use or link to something that is club property, send us an email. I’m sure we would be glad to help out.


3. Submittals

All material, or photos submitted to the Mesquite Archery Club for use in the website or at the range become the property of tte Mesquite Archery Club.


4. Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcohol during Tuesday Night shoots, Club Shoots, on the Practice Range, or any other Public Event sponsored or hosted by the Mesquite Archery Club will not be tolerated.


First time violators will be asked to leave the event. If the violator does not comply with this request they will be banned from future events.


A second violation will result in termination of membership for members. Non- members will be banned from future events.


5. Guests

Members may bring and are encouraged to bring guests to the MAC range. Members may host the same guest for a maximum of three visits, at which time guests must join MAC to continue using the Range Facilities.

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