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The Mesquite Archery Club(MAC) is a non-profit, ASA recognized club open to archers of all ages and classes.

Researching the background of this historic club has been very difficult. Many of the old original members are gone and the dates vary between two veterans. However, we have come up with quite a bit of information based on interviews with people like Eldon Morgan, Jerry Davis, Wayne Wilson and others that I will mention later. We do appreciate the assistance of all whom have worked on this project.


A short interview Sunday, Feb 13, 2005, with Richard Fowler the owner of Allstar Archery gave me the following information: Richard was a member of Mesquite since 1963. At that time it was still in the area of the now Mesquite Rodeo. Richard joined in that year and stated that it was there way before then. So, who knows when it was founded. Richard said that the Lamplighters Archery Club was located just down the street from the now Allstar Archery Store. This club apparently did not last long.


Jerry Davis joined Mesquite Archery Club in 1983 when it was located in Mesquite on the coordinates of Sycene and 635. Actually it was just East of West Mesquite High School. This was even before the Mesquite Rodeo. The club was where the rodeo was. Jerry joined in 1983, but he does not know how long the club was at that location before he joined.


Many people always ask why its called Mesquite Archery when its in Lancaster, Texas. This is the answer.


In 1986, Mr. Gay decided to build a rodeo and they bought the land that Mesquite Archery Club was using. Mesquite Archery had to move and some how and by someones knowledge found a plot of land on Bonnie View Road on the corner, directly east of the now TA truck stop. Today, as Eldon Morgan pointed out you can still see if you look hard enough where the poles are standing for the club house and poles standing for the target butts.


The Club now has been in Terrell, Texas since 2013. It is located 7/10ths of a mile north of bus. 80 on the west side of 205. Located on 40 acres of wooded land.


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